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3D Modeling

3D model is the product of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (either inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software

Sify's 3D mobile simulation-based learning apps enable your employees to discover, learn and practice virtually while accelerating learning from any location.

Specific types of content can best be demonstrated and mastered through immersive 3D virtual environments. Sify's team of instructional designers are experts in the latest 3D technology and create state-of-the-art 3D learning modules and demos for your employees. They allow your learners to visualize new equipment, master functions, perfect skills and tackle tasks with rich visuals and demo content, accelerating knowledge gain and retention.

Sify's 3D technology simulates the functionality of equipment to enable your employees to experience hands-on practice and acquire competency in a risk-free environment. Our solutions can be applied across all industries including Manufacturing. Technology, Healthcare, and Life Sciences in conjunction with our industry-expert teams.

Interact with Content

Interactive 3D learning allows users to fully manipulate an object in 3-dimensional space, allowing them to fully explore its features. For example, an entire product family can be made available for exploration and learning as users access the inner workings and operation of equipment.

Additionally, courses and demos for prospective customers can integrate interactive videos, diagrams, infographics, PDFs and other downloadable content in 3D. Interaction with objects and surroundings can even be converted into games, making learning and demos more entertaining and engaging.

Short courses can also be converted into 3D applications to feature interactive content provided at specific points in the instructional program, or product demos for customers along specific points of the buyer's journey.

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