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Game-Based Training

A type of game play that has defined learning outcomes, designed to balance subject matter with gameplay and the ability of the player to retain and apply said subject matter to the real world

We produce gamified learning that provides social, engaging, immersive, longer-lasting learning experiences.

Sify eLearning partners with you to create higher-end, innovative gamified training projects for the effective and engaging learning of specific real-world skills.

Our higher-end interactive game solutions have proven to be a highly effective method for teaching challenging skills. Because game-based learning promotes learning, motivates action, and helps solve problems, it is successfully used for detail-oriented, high-pressure skills training. Such examples of challenging training include pilot, surgery, military, operation and entrepreneurial business training to name a few.

Sify designers begin by understanding your training needs and challenges, to create immersive simulations that put your learners in a virtual work environment where they can attain mastery by practice, adaptation, and real-time coaching. Furthermore, this is a rewarding experience which has learners receive positive reinforcements throughout their learning journey.

Sify game-based learning modules are

  • Tailored to your requirements and may include modules with assessment-based learning, concept-based learning, reinforcement-oriented learning, or a combination of different modules.
  • Platform agnostic so learning modules can be used on diverse online or offline, fixed or mobile devices
  • Single or multi-player designed to be used either by a single player or multiple players in group learning scenarios
  • High quality based on robust quality assurance and testing certification processes

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For gamified learning that provides social, engaging, immersive, longer-lasting learning experiences


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