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Learning Portals

Tools designed to help learners understand the technological components involved in a learning portal, and how they interact to create a customized experience for each type of user

Consolidate all of your company’s learning resources in an online learning portal designed by Sify, in a custom-made learning portal.

 In a learning portal, an online learning resource repository, employees can access all of your organization’s learning resources including learning tools and training content.

Sify designs learning portals for an easy and interactive user experience. Available anytime and anywhere, from fixed or mobile devices, our learning portals make training readily accessible to all employees.

Sify learning portals are

  • Easy to navigate so users can find the training they need and create their own learning programs
  • Highly flexible to accommodate diverse training content such as courseware, multimedia presentations, podcasts, videos, PowerPoint, and manuals
  • Collaborative with communication apps to encourage social learning, teamwork, and feedback, including discussion forums, messaging, email, calendars, share and like options, and chat
  • Secured with login authentication to allow access only by registered users and to protect private business information
  • Device-agnostic accessible from PCs, mobile phones, or tablet computers

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To consolidate all of your company’s learning resources in an online learning portal


For Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation