Content Transformation

Legacy to Responsive

Create multi-device eLearning or move from legacy to responsive

Responsive eLearning has become quite essential to create multi-device eLearning or mobile learning. It enables learners to access the eLearning courses from their preferred devices. As eLearning designers, we develop eLearning content such that it works swiftly and smoothly on every device.

Responsive eLearning Design is the eLearning that adapts and responds to all devices. It is fluid and flexible in nature. The content (layout and structure) restructures itself to fit the screen size depending on the learner’s device.

The advantages of transforming your legacy content to responsive content include the following:

  • Less development time and cost-effective
  • Scope for customization – content can be easily updated
  • Onscreen elements are resized as per the screen
  • Better look and feel
  • Eliminates the need to scroll to the next section.

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To create multi-device eLearning or move from legacy to responsive


To reap the benefits of eLearning content repurposing and improve speed and quality