Learning Platforms & Implementation

LMS Integration & Migration

Solutions to help integrating with other business applications, making updation and access of information simple, and migrating as little data as possible to help prevent errors that can prolong LMS implementation

Sify has capabilities in customizing the LMS solution to meet specific business needs that are not met by the out-of-the-box functionality. These customizations can range from new front-end workflow modifications to integrations with various enterprise systems. Sify has implemented middleware for LMS applications by developing web services that extend the functionality and capability of the LMS.


Sify has integrated LMS platforms with most enterprise business application systems, such as ERP, HCM and CRM. Sify has delivered single sign-on functionality to a large number of users.

Sify’s LMS team can help configure all the out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports to help monitor the usage and effectiveness of the LMS.

Data Migration

Through the use of custom scripts and built-in migration tools, we provide seamless data migration from one database to another.

Web Services Integration

Sify eLearning provides complete integration and customization of Web services components of the Saba Learning Management.

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