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Social Learning

It is the way people learn by observing their peers – new behaviors, values, and attitudes through collaborative tools like chats, polls, discussions, feedbacks and more

Sify eLearning provides cloud-based virtual classroom solutions and designs custom multimedia training content to reach your learners anywhere.

With Sify’s virtual classrooms, your employees have quick access to instructor-led courses that can scale from a few to thousands of participants. The virtual classroom is especially suited to organizations that wish to provide high-quality, hands-on training to a geographically dispersed workforce within a reasonable budget.

Each student has exclusive access to the course and instructors from office PCs and personal devices. For registered users, servers are made accessible beyond training center hours. In addition, electronic versions of course content and class recordings are available for future reference.

Collaborative tools including chat, status indicators, Q&A, and polls within the virtual classroom facilitates interaction between students and instructors making it social and engaging. Virtual classrooms encourage groups to engage more actively by taking part in discussions and providing feedback. This type of lively and social learning atmosphere has been proven to boost knowledge gain.

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Provide high-quality, hands-on training to a geographically dispersed workforce


To offer easily accessible content for field employees with Moble & Tablet Learning