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Virtual Reality

Computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment

Where Virtual Reality is unparalleled in meeting learning and development needs, Sify eLearning VR projects give a powerful presence in a virtual environment. We design and produce cutting-edge, unique, immersive environments that are ideal for delivering task-specific and results-oriented instruction.

Our Virtual Reality learning technology provides highly immersive simulated environments. Because these technologies improve retention and learning they can be extremely beneficial for acquiring new and detail-oriented skills. As they are extremely useful for teaching diverse skills such as surgical procedures, flight simulation, welding, and computer-aided manufacturing, VR has been rapidly adopted by a wide variety of industries for training in both hard and soft skills.

Sify designs VR courseware that is highly cost-effective, creating practical and risk-free practice environments. Some of our customers have also generated additional revenue by including sponsorships as part of their virtual learning environments.

Sify eLearning's design team has delivered VR projects for schools, healthcare organizations, airlines, the automotive industry, skilled trades, and entertainment companies.

As a managed service, Sify’s Virtual Reality courseware includes

  • Content creation
  • Data maintenance and storage
    1. Required bandwidth for a high-quality user experience
    2. Integration with legacy systems

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